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Purchase additional Y!Epic Professional access

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are interested in purchasing additional computer access for your Y!Epic Professional account, please fill in your contact details below as required. Your "Account Username" will be the username issued to you in your Y!Epic Professional email, so we can locate your account specifically. We will also attempt to do this with the email provided below. Username's are usually prefixed with "cust_", as a point of identification. You will receive an email once your additional computer access has been granted, usually this is instant but relies upon PayPal payment processing times, so please keep that in mind.

The current price for additional computer access is 14.99 (GBP, approx $23.00 USD) per computer. You agree upon purchase that you will not issue your account details to third parties, and you will only be using this yourself on computer equipment you own.

All purchased copies of Y!Epic Professional are non refundable except in circumstances where we may deem it the best course of action. This will be at our discretion.

Please click "Submit Payment" once you have filled out the Account Username (of your existing Y!Epic Professional account) to complete payment.

If you have ANY PROBLEMS at all purchasing this additional access, please contact Lee (lee@yepic.co.uk) immediately so a resolution can be found.

Thank you for your interest.

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